Award Winning Rainbow Series of Light Emitting White Flame Heaters



WHITE CLEAN   RB-25: Specification
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):475 x 388 x 388 mm
  • Weight: 6.2 Kg.
  • Tank: 4.9 ltr.
  • Burning Time: 20 hrs.
  • Room Size: 200 sqft.
  • Unique glass reflects triple flame
  • Emits 40W of light
WHITE CLEAN   RB-25: Features
Triple Safety Extinguisher:
3 ways to extinguish the heater

1. By reacting the wick
2. By a simple touch of leaver
3. Automatic shut-off is activated when the heater is      bumped or in the event of a tip-over
Manual Ignition
Ignites the heater by match
Automatic Ignition
Ignites the heater automatically by pushing igniter button
Fuel Indicator
Indicates refueling time
Double Wall Tank
Prevents fuel leakage even when the heater is tipped fuel

Manual Siphon Pump
Includes siphon pump to refill fuel


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