ROTUS CLEAN   OM-148 BS-52 (F) (High Altitude)

ROTUS CLEAN OM-148 BS-52 (F) (High Altitude)

ROTUS CLEAN   OM-148  BS-52 (F) (High Altitude): Specifications
  • On Demand Kerosene Fired Water Boiler.
  • The Rotus burner ensures quick ignition and low-noise operation.
  • The Rotus type Heat Exchanger achieves 95% efficiency.
  • A remote controller with its monitor lamps allow easy operation.
  • Output: Upto 1000 liters per hour.
  • The heat exchanger is made of SCR stainless steel and is lined with platinum.
  • Multi-safety mechanisms including tip-over switch, overheat protector, bimetal switch and burning controller prevent fire, accidents and/or malfunction and protect the unit from incorrect operation or abuse.
ROTUS CLEAN   OM-148  BS-52 (F) (High Altitude): Features
Controls to maintain the desired room temperature and safe heating

24-hour programmable timer makes heater operate at desired time
Automatic Ignition
Ignites the heater automatically by pushing igniter button

Built-in Fan
Circulates clean and warm air throughout the
Laser Burner
No need to maintain or replace a wick




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