Compact High Output Radiant Infrared Heater


RADIANT CLEAN  RCA-2800 : Specifications
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):428 x 295 x 453 mm.
  • Weight: 7.6 Kg.
  • Tank: 3.6 ltr.
  • Burning Time: 17 hrs.
  • Room Size: 300 sqft.
INFRARED CLEAN   KF-17: Features
Triple Safety Extinguisher:
3 ways to extinguish the heater

1. By reacting the wick
2. By a simple touch of leaver
3. Automatic shut-off is activated when the heater is      bumped or in the event of a tip-over

Infrared Heat
Provides instant radient heat
Automatic Ignition
Ignites the heater automatically by pushing igniter button
Fuel Indicator
Indicates refueling time
Wick Life Extender
Extends wick life up to 3 times by a dial adjustment
Manual Siphon Pump
Includes siphon pump to refill fuel
Removable Fuel Tank
No need to move the heater when refuelingl




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